Stocks under ASM List by SEBI

Additional Surveillance Measures(ASM) can be implemented on stocks by Stock Exchanges and Market Regulators such as SEBI, BSE and NSE. Since SEBI launched updated ASM list on 31 May 2018, some of the stocks have fallen sharply.

What is the impact of Additional Surveillance Measures on a stock?
  1. ASM is implemented to keep an eye on the abnormal variations in stock price that is not compatible with the health of company. ASM ensures that price of such stocks is not manipulated by Promoters or brokers. So high risk stocks are put under ASM list.
  2. Stocks placed under ASM list are reviewed bimonthly(every 15 days). So a stock currently under ASM might be out of it next fortnight.
  3. Stocks under ASM list are restricted to be in 5% price band and 100% margin is applicable.
  4. There is no impact on shares already in your demat. You can sell them sell them.
  5. As per a statement by BSE: “The shortlisting of securities under ASM Framework is purely on account of market surveillance and it should not be construed as an adverse action against the concerned company/entity”.
  6. The stocks in the list generally fall due to panic among investers. It might be a problem for short term investors. If you are long term investor and you believe in the stock then you should stay invested.

As on 6 June 2018, here is the updated ASM List by SEBI. This lists script code as well as stock name.

  1. 538570 – Achal Investments Ltd
  2. 517356 – ACI Infocom Ltd
  3. 532762 – Action Construction Equipment Ltd
  4. 521070 – Alok Industries Ltd
  5. 539693 – Alora Trading Company Ltd
  6. 507525 – Amrit Corp Ltd
  7. 520077 – Amtek Auto Ltd
  8. 540692 – Apex Frozen Foods Ltd
  9. 511064 – Aplaya Creations Ltd
  10. 500016 – Aruna Hotels Ltd
  11. 526187 – Ashram Online.Com Ltd
  12. 507526 – Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd
  13. 539018 – Beekay Steel Industries Ltd
  14. 500052 – Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd
  15. 523229 – Bharat Seats Ltd
  16. 533321 – Bil Energy Systems Ltd
  17. 500020 – Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd
  18. 532678 – Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd
  19. 540006 – Bullish Bonds & Holdings Ltd
  20. 517421 – Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd
  21. 511742 – Chokhani Securities Ltd
  22. 532342 – Commex Technology Ltd
  23. 539131 – Crescent Leasing Ltd
  24. 522163 – Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd
  25. 506414 – Dil Ltd
  26. 540047 – Dilip Buildcon Ltd
  27. 538653 – Ejecta Marketing Ltd
  28. 533264 – Electrosteel Steels Ltd
  29. 533218 – Emami Infrastructure Ltd
  30. 530333 – Emgee Cables & Communications Ltd
  31. 500650 – Excel Industries Ltd
  32. 533090 – Excel Realty N Infra Ltd
  33. 514474 – Fairdeal Filaments Ltd
  34. 533333 – Fineotex Chemical Ltd
  35. 502865 – Forbes & Company Ltd
  36. 539730 – Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  37. 539228 – Gala Global Products Ltd
  38. 512493 – Garnet International Ltd
  39. 539407 – Generic Engineering Construction and Projects Ltd
  40. 509567 – Goa Carbon Ltd
  41. 532734 – Godawari Power and Ispat Ltd
  42. 538787 – Goenka Business & Finance Ltd
  43. 532439 – Goldstone Infratech Ltd
  44. 509488 – Graphite India Ltd
  45. 532951 – GSS Infotech Ltd
  46. 532775 – GTL Infrastructure Ltd
  47. 532708 – GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd
  48. 509631 – HEG Ltd
  49. 509675 – HIL Ltd
  50. 500184 – Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd
  51. 509627 – Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd
  52. 500201 – India Glycols Ltd
  53. 532960 – Indiabulls Ventures Ltd
  54. 530773 – IVRCL Ltd
  55. 533207 – Jaypee Infratech Ltd
  56. 514034 – JBF Industries Ltd
  57. 531543 – Jindal Worldwide Ltd
  58. 539679 – Kapil Raj Finance Ltd
  59. 532054 – KDDL Ltd
  60. 532997 – KSK Energy Ventures Ltd
  61. 530149 – KSL & Industries Ltd
  62. 532081 – KSS Ltd
  63. 531882 – Kwality Ltd
  64. 539992 – Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd
  65. 513269 – Man Industries (India) Ltd
  66. 500279 – Mirc Electronics Ltd
  67. 530047 – Mohota Industries Ltd
  68. 505343 – Monotype India Ltd
  69. 500298 – National Peroxide Ltd
  70. 538772 – Niyogin Fintech Ltd
  71. 538547 – Oasis Tradelink Ltd
  72. 538019 – Oceanaa Biotek Industries Ltd
  73. 533317 – Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd
  74. 530135 – Optiemus Infracom Ltd
  75. 501179 – Oscar Investments Ltd
  76. 539007 – Pincon Lifestyle Ltd
  77. 506022 – Prakash Industries Ltd
  78. 511116 – Quadrant Televentures Ltd
  79. 532497 – Radico Khaitan Ltd
  80. 500339 – Rain Industries Ltd
  81. 514223 – Ramgopal Polytex Ltd
  82. 533107 – Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd
  83. 519097 – Ritesh International Ltd
  84. 519260 – Sanwaria Consumer Ltd
  85. 531893 – Sawaca Business Machines Ltd
  86. 531925 – Shantanu Sheorey Aquakult Ltd
  87. 538212 – Sharp Investments Ltd
  88. 533520 – SORIL Holdings and Ventures Ltd
  89. 536799 – SRS Finance Ltd
  90. 533569 – SRS Ltd
  91. 533305 – SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd
  92. 531723 – Stampede Capital Ltd
  93. 570005 – Stampede Capital Ltd – DVR
  94. 512299 – Sterling Biotech Ltd
  95. 508998 – Sterling International Enterprises Ltd
  96. 532711 – Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd
  97. 535141 – Sunstar Realty Development Ltd
  98. 530677 – Supreme Holdings & Hospitality (India) Ltd
  99. 532904 – Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd
  100. 506863 – Swadeshi Industries & Leasing Ltd
  101. 533200 – Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd
  102. 540108 – Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs Ltd
  103. 504966 – Tinplate Company of India Ltd
  104. 532812 – Transwarranty Finance Ltd
  105. 526957 – Uniply Decor Ltd
  106. 532765 – Usher Agro Ltd
  107. 500254 – Uttam Value Steels Ltd
  108. 523261 – Venkys (India) Ltd
  109. 537820 – Viji Finance Ltd
  110. 534741 – Virtual Global Education Ltd
  111. 532411 – Visesh Infotecnics Ltd
  112. 536128 – VKJ Infradevelopers Ltd
  113. 523660 – Waterbase Ltd
  114. 522029 – Windsor Machines Ltd
  115. 522108 – Yuken India Ltd
  116. 512553 – Zenith Exports Ltd

The updated ASM list can be found on BSE website.

Interesting Facts

Here is the compiled list of some of the odd but interesting facts I stumbled upon.

Interesting Facts – Animals / Birds
  • Birds don’t urinate ever.
  • A flock of crows is called as a ‘Murder’
  • An ostrich’s brain is smaller as compared to its eye.
  • Most of the elephants weigh less than the tongue of the blue whale.
  • All the mammals can jump except the elephant
  • Cows don’t have front upper teeth, so they can’t bite you.
  • Most of the hummingbirds weigh less than a penny.
  • Dolphins keep one of the eyes open while sleeping.
  • A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel. Camel can go around 15 days but a giraffe can go without water for 3 weeks. Ever wondered who can go for longest without water? Its Kangaroo Rat, it can live without drinking water at all.
  • On average, giraffes have 21-inch long tongue. The use tongue to clean their ears.
  • Octopuses lays around 60,000 to 100,000 eggs at a time. But the survival rate is only 1%.
Interesting Facts – Insects
  • Moths are unable to fly during earthquakes.
  • About 80% of the Earth’s animals are insects!
  • Male mosquitoes don’t bite. Only females do. They even bite more during full moon.
  • A single honey takes 2 million visits to flowers to produce a one pound of honey.
Interesting Facts – Miscellaneous
  • The sum of opposite sides of a dice cube is always seven.
  • ‘Q’ is the only letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name. It has ‘X’ in Texas, ‘Z’ in Arizona but it doesn’t have a ‘Q’ in any of the state name.
  • John D. Rockefeller is the richest man in the history of world, when adjusted for inflation.
  • Until 1991, Russia considered beer as a soft drink and not as an alcohol.
  • Ear and nose, are the only body parts that don’t stop growing. Eyes are the only part that doesn’t grow in size after birth.
  • Suppressing a sneeze by blocking your nostrils, can rupture your blood vessels in head or neck. You can even die due to this rupture.
  • Humans are approximately 1% shorter in evening as compared to morning.
  • The official name of # is not hash or pound, its octothorpe.
  • A “jiffy” is a scientific name. It stands for 1/100th of a second.
  • In 1965, a patent was granted for apparatus for facilitating the child birth by centrifugal force. The apparatus would spin pregnant women around at around 7G until their baby comes out due to the centrifugal force
  • Without the added colors, Coca-Cola would be green.
  • Chewing gum while cutting onions will stop the tears.
  • On average, normal mattress doubles its weight in around 10 years. This is due to accumulation of dust, mites and their poop.
  • Donald duck comics were banned in Finland as the character doesn’t wear pants.
  • The Spanish translation of word “Colgate” is “go hang yourself”.
  • In Japan, if sumo wrestler makes your baby cry then its considered good luck.
Interesting Facts – Nature
  • Pure honey never spoils.
  • Blueberries don’t ripen until they are picked.
  • It is impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath.
  • It rains diamonds on Jupiter as well as Saturn. So are you thinking about moving or visiting at-least one of them?
  • The total length of blood vessels in the human body is around 100,000 kilometers(60,000 miles) approximately.
  • A rainbow forms only in the morning or late afternoon. It can occur only when the sun is 40 degrees or less above the horizon.

Funny Hindi to English translations by kids

The conversational language at our home is Hindi. My kids are quite good at it. And everything was perfectly normal until one day the school teacher asked them to start speaking English. Although it was a uphill task, but I am proud to say that after few months of efforts my kids have started speaking English. But the English they speak seems extra territorial for a English speaker. I am sharing some of the funny Hindi to English translations done by my kids.

Hindi: Mera mann kar raha hai.
Kid’s English: My mann is doing

Hindi: Main aapko bataungi, mujhe kya kya chahiye.
Kid’s English: I tell you, I what what want.

Hindi: Mujhe sunai nahin diya.
Kid’s English: I am not listen.

Hindi: Aap bataoge.
Kid’s English: You tell karoge.

Hindi: Mera hath nahin pahunch raha.
Kid’s English: My hands are not coming.

Hindi: Mera teddy mat lo.
Kid’s English: My not take teddy.

Hindi: Woh kisne bahar nikala.
Kid’s English: Who that take out.

Hindi: Yeh nahin.
Kid’s English: This not.

Hindi: Kya hai?
Kid’s English: What is?

Down with fever(may be chickenpox)……can I drink alcohol?

If you are down with chickenpox and googling to know if you can drink alcohol during chickenpox, then you are at the right page my friend. I have been in your shoes some time ago, my friend. So I am sharing my experience and findings during the time I had chickenpox.

Due to hectic weekend, I felt a bit dizzy on Monday morning. Initially I didn’t took it seriously considering it as Monday blues 🙂 . But by the evening I was quite sure that I am going down with fever. I usually avoid visit to clinics over minor illness, so I took crocin and a good sleep.

Then I realized that one of my roommates had got chickenpox two weeks ago. I decided not to delay the visit to doctor’s clinic. And to my worst thoughts, the doctor told that I have the symptoms of chicken pox I should start the medication for fever. The only nice word he said was that the chicken pox can only confirmed by tomorrow evening as I had not started to have scars as on today. So hoping for the best. But one thing I learned from the thoughts coming to my mind are that although I was afraid that the chickenpox would be quite troublesome.
But somewhere in my mind I was happy that I would be getting good 7-10 days to stay at my hometown. As it has been around 2 years that I have not stayed at my hometown for more than 2-3 days.

Anyways all was Ok until doctor uttered those ******* words  Do u drink or smoke?   I replied  no smoking but I do drink Ok, then don’t drink for next 5 days at least even if its not chickenpox.
Avoiding alcohol was a big issue for me as a couple of my friend were coming over to my place. So I went to the God of our generation , one and only one I tried to search but gone not get much. Only conclusion I can draw for the posts on google was:

Before drinking alcohol during chickenpox, you should consider the following:
  1. Your body should not be prone to allergies as alcohol can cause allergy.
  2. Alcohol generally lowers your immunity. So consuming alcohol during chickenpox can delay your recovery time.
  3. Doctor will most probably put you on antibiotics. The antibiotics don’t mix well with alcohol.
  4. Under the influence of alcohol, you can try to soothe the itching by rubbing the blisters therefore causing further implications.

So at the end of the day we can conclude that one should avoid drinking alcohol during chickenpox.

Why are traffic lights round?

“Why are traffic lights round in shape?”, asked my toddler. As always, I excused myself saying”Dad is driving, no talking. I will explain it later”. So, I googled it and I was ready with the answer by the evening. I am sharing the findings here, so that you can save a couple hours of googling when your toddler asks you.

Traditionally the default the shape of traffic lights is round. Its like following a set up trend. But looking closely there are many benefits of round shapes. These are:

  1. Its more expensive to manufacture and maintain lights of different shape.
  2. If all the lights are of same shape, then same part can be used for any light. For example, the hood, glass etc. This saves a lot of inventory management. Imagine managing everything like inventory, orders etc of the thrice the volume as compared to today.
  3. Round shape provides a better protection against rain. The water is easily dissipated.
  4. Aerodynamically the round traffic lights are better against strong winds. They offer less resistance to wind.
  5. If you look at other light sources, such as bulb, LED, LCD etc, you will find that all of them are round in shape.This is because round shape is most stable. And you can’t have thick glass round the light.
  6. Round shape offers more reflection. So traffic lights are round for better light transmission.

Also you will notice that the order of the traffic light is similar everywhere. The default is Red to top, then yellow in middle and Green on bottom. For horizontally stacked lights this is Red on the left, then yellow in middle and Green at right. Although it is easy for normal people but the lights could get confusing for color blind people. This led to a odd shaped traffic light concept. This trend was known as UNISignal. In UNISignal, each light had its own shape. Red light is triangle shaped. Yellow light is round. Green light is square shaped. The order is lights in UNISignal is also Red, Yellow, Green from top to bottom or from left to right.

So we see that the traffic light are changing with time. There are many traffic signals where traditional traffic lights have been replaced with electronic LED based panels. These panels show different signs like arrows. So lets see what the future holds for us.