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Stocks under ASM List by SEBI

Additional Surveillance Measures(ASM) can be implemented on stocks by Stock Exchanges and Market Regulators such as SEBI, BSE and NSE. Since SEBI launched updated ASM list on 31 May 2018, some of the stocks have fallen sharply. What is the impact of Additional Surveillance Measures on a stock? ASM is implemented to keep an eye […]

PPF Interest Rate History Since its Inception in 1968

Here is the PPF interest rate history since its launch by Ministry of Finance in 1968. Please note that PPF interest rates are 0.25% higher than the average yield of 10 year government bond. Prior to 2016, PPF interest rates were revised annually. But after 2016, PPF interest rates are revised quarterly. PPF interest rate […]

What is Heisenbug?

As a QA, Heisenbug has been a trouble for me. In response to a reported crash, the developer would say that he can’t reproduce the bug. The software is working fine at developers’ machines. But same bug is appearing at QAs’ machine regularly. These are real testing times for a QA. If the steps to […]

How to track RBL bank credit card application status?

So you have applied for applied for new credit card and are looking forward to track RBL bank Credit card application status. Welcome, you are at the right place. As per Wikipedia, RBL Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank, headquartered in the Mumbai region of Maharashtra, India. Founded in August 1943, RBL is one […]