Funny Hindi to English translations by kids

The conversational language at our home is Hindi. My kids are quite good at it. And everything was perfectly normal until one day the school teacher asked them to start speaking English. Although it was a uphill task, but I am proud to say that after few months of efforts my kids have started speaking English. But the English they speak seems extra territorial for a English speaker. I am sharing some of the funny Hindi to English translations done by my kids.

Hindi: Mera mann kar raha hai.
Kid’s English: My mann is doing

Hindi: Main aapko bataungi, mujhe kya kya chahiye.
Kid’s English: I tell you, I what what want.

Hindi: Mujhe sunai nahin diya.
Kid’s English: I am not listen.

Hindi: Aap bataoge.
Kid’s English: You tell karoge.

Hindi: Mera hath nahin pahunch raha.
Kid’s English: My hands are not coming.

Hindi: Mera teddy mat lo.
Kid’s English: My not take teddy.

Hindi: Woh kisne bahar nikala.
Kid’s English: Who that take out.

Hindi: Yeh nahin.
Kid’s English: This not.

Hindi: Kya hai?
Kid’s English: What is?