Down with fever(may be chickenpox)……can I drink alcohol?

If you are down with chickenpox and googling to know if you can drink alcohol during chickenpox, then you are at the right page my friend. I have been in your shoes some time ago, my friend. So I am sharing my experience and findings during the time I had chickenpox.

Due to hectic weekend, I felt a bit dizzy on Monday morning. Initially I didn’t took it seriously considering it as Monday blues 🙂 . But by the evening I was quite sure that I am going down with fever. I usually avoid visit to clinics over minor illness, so I took crocin and a good sleep.

Then I realized that one of my roommates had got chickenpox two weeks ago. I decided not to delay the visit to doctor’s clinic. And to my worst thoughts, the doctor told that I have the symptoms of chicken pox I should start the medication for fever. The only nice word he said was that the chicken pox can only confirmed by tomorrow evening as I had not started to have scars as on today. So hoping for the best. But one thing I learned from the thoughts coming to my mind are that although I was afraid that the chickenpox would be quite troublesome.
But somewhere in my mind I was happy that I would be getting good 7-10 days to stay at my hometown. As it has been around 2 years that I have not stayed at my hometown for more than 2-3 days.

Anyways all was Ok until doctor uttered those ******* words  Do u drink or smoke?   I replied  no smoking but I do drink Ok, then don’t drink for next 5 days at least even if its not chickenpox.
Avoiding alcohol was a big issue for me as a couple of my friend were coming over to my place. So I went to the God of our generation , one and only one I tried to search but gone not get much. Only conclusion I can draw for the posts on google was:

Before drinking alcohol during chickenpox, you should consider the following:
  1. Your body should not be prone to allergies as alcohol can cause allergy.
  2. Alcohol generally lowers your immunity. So consuming alcohol during chickenpox can delay your recovery time.
  3. Doctor will most probably put you on antibiotics. The antibiotics don’t mix well with alcohol.
  4. Under the influence of alcohol, you can try to soothe the itching by rubbing the blisters therefore causing further implications.

So at the end of the day we can conclude that one should avoid drinking alcohol during chickenpox.