Ashu Solo – First organic search query of my blog

Just like another day, I was looking at google webmasters account for “As I Had It”. I was accessing google webmaster to ensure that there are no crawl errors or missing urls etc. When I navigated to search queries section, I was thrilled to know that finally I have my first organic visitor using google. I looked at the search term – “Ashu Solo” . I was really excited as I had written just 7 posts and its been less than a month since I started blogging.

Ashu Solo - First search query on my blog - As I Had It

A snapshot of my first search query from Google Webmaster

For the moment, I was surprised. Ashu is one of my good friends. I have written about him in one post only. How can google show my website for this keyword? I have not been using this keyword actively in my posts. Instead, till now, my blog is most inclined towards keywords like bucket list, travel and rafting.

I straight forward went to the search feature on my website and searched for Ashu Solo. To my astonishment, nothing concrete showed up. Then I started doubting the undoubtable, Google’s webmaster tool. But just to be sure, I searched for this term in google. It gave me answer, Ashu Solo is a prominent personality( here is the proof 🙂 ). It has nothing to do with my friend Ashu.

Although my blog showed up in google coincidently and I am not sure if I will be using this keyword in any of my future posts. But I am happy that I will be able to remember my first search query as Ashu, my friend, is important part of my life.