Advices I got on- “How to be a great blogger?”

Its been just a fortnight since I started blogging. And advices on How to be a great blogger, are pouring in from all the corners, even from the corners I never anticipated. Let it be family or friends or acquaintances, everyone appears to be a great blogger. And un-believably they have covered almost every aspect of great blogger. Everyone of them tried to make be believe as if each and every one knows blogging(off course except me).

Even if I try I won’t be able to list all of the advices I got as I don’t have stamina to write so long posts(I am new to blogging, remember?). But majority of them give me same advice. Here are the three advices that most of them gave me:

  1. Never get carried away while writing. I argued, I need to be honest with my blog posts. To which his explanation was bang on. He simply said when you write a blog post, don’t publish it there and then. Instead read it again the next day. If you feel you wrote right, then go ahead and publish. But if you don’t feel right about that post, then trash it as you were for sure carried away while writing the post
  2. Don’t write anything about someone that you can’t say face to face to that person. If there is something about someone that inspires you to write a blog post, then it ought to be inspiring enough to talk to that someone face to face.
  3. What so ever you write, just remember that it should not hurt you in future. He even gave me example of Mark Zuckergerg( yep, The Zuckerberg of Facebook). Zuckerberg admitted that in earlier years of Facebook he said “They trust me – dumb fucks”. This statement haunted him many years later when issues related to privacy on Facebook were raised.

Initially I was a bit surprised and annoyed on unwarranted advices. I know I can’t write about good things always. There ought to be some posts about bad and some about worse as well. So I will for sure remember for first and second most common advice. But for third, I am not sure as I know I won’t be able to write false things just to be politically correct. But I will definitely remember this so that I don’t write superficial things.