Orkut: my first social media account

On Monday, June 30, 2014,  google announced the shut down of Orkut: my first social media account.

Although I hardly use Orkut now-a-days but the news made me nostalgic about my final year in college.

College life is just like a dream, you just don’t know how quickly the time flies. It was my final year in college and we all friends knew that life would be damn busy after college. Had it been school, everyone would have thought of getting slam books filled. But then came the Orkut: one of the friends introduced it to our class. And, unbelievably, whole of the class signed up in a single day.

So this way, I and my friends got the taste for our first social media account via Orkut. Like most of my friends, I was also unknown to the social media world. Orkut made us understand what social media is. The whole class added each other as friends, scraps and testimonials started to pour in. We used to search for communities that matched our taste. Our first social media account was made colourful by  beautiful themes, everyone would flaunt a different theme.

Orkut was a miracle for us as it was open and inviting. You could view anyone’s profile, send a friendship request to anyone(err…her ). You could have pictures of your crushes. It was like a new freedom in those days.

In order to say final goodbye to Orkut, I logged in to my Orkut account. As I saw scraps, pictures and testimonials, it felt like a flashback of my final year days. What a lovely days those were. Here is image of my profile today with a message “Orkut will not be available after September 30, 2014”


Snapshot of my first social media account: Orkut

RIP Orkut. You are my first social media account and I thank you for being there with me in my college days.